明記食。Economical rice with a taste of love. 
The story of Ming Kee Cooked Food can be summarised with one word – love.
The year was 1978, elder Mrs Loo started a hawker stall in Tanjong Pagar Plaza as a mean to raise her children. In remembrance of her late husband , she named the stall 明記. Mrs Loo’s style was good old-fashioned cooking at its best. One of her endearing principles was a strict emphasis of using fresh ingredients. These teachings have been imparted to her children whom have been helping out since their primary school days. Thus, Ming Kee cooking style is one that is light on the palate and steered by tradition.
Today, the stall is helmed by their son, Mr Loo X.J. with his wife and sister working seamlessly together to dish out each plate with dexterity and precision. Nestled at the heart of Tanjong Pagar Plaza hawker centre, the stall patrons range from the CBD lunch crowd to local foodies looking for comfort food served like home.
Being featured in the media and local television “排排站查查看2” (Where the queue starts), it is a testament to the dedication and hard work sowed by the Loo family over the years.
家(+)飯 。燒(-)飯 。任你選。

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